A Review on Optimization Technique for Fault Tolerance in Cloud Computing

Nilophar .


It is the outcome of the emergence of on demand service in big scale distributed computing models. Adaptable technology because it delivers software and resources that can be flexibly scaled up and down. These systems have varying degrees of reliability. Tolerance to unexpected hardware or software failures is measured by a system's fault tolerance. As a result of cloud computing’s inability to handle a wide range of errors, its reputation has been tarnished. Tolerating Byzantine errors is difficult since they typically go unnoticed at the beginning and can quickly spread to other virtual machines before being discovered. Thus, vital applications such as air traffic control, online baking, and so on are still avoiding the cloud because of these concerns. As well as some existing models, the goal of this research is to better understand and compare fault tolerance strategies utilised for fault tolerance in cloud systems. The purpose of this work is to evaluate a cloud -based fault-optimization strategy that will address the shortcomings of existing algorithms.


CloudComputing, Fault Tolerance, Dependability

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