Langkiwa River Water Detection System Implementing Internet of Everything

Allen Llorca, Rosly Rapada, Maryland Dayuta, Mary Anne Perez, John Christopher Raymundo


The goal of this study is to establish a structure and test model that will provide communities with information and early flood warning and notification system and information dissemination for the municipalities of Biñan City, Laguna particularly in Command Control and Communication Centre (City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office). Since the study focuses on the design, development and evaluation of instructional research methods, The study focuses on the design, production and evaluation of teaching systems, procedures and products. With the introduction of the IOE, the Langkiwa river water level detection system is a significant aid to the disaster rescue team of the Biñan City local government. It could be a replacement for the municipality's existing manual control scheme. It uses ultrasonic sensor to detect the current situation of the river, and by the power of Arduino microcontroller that serves as the brain of the system that initiates to produce reliable and accurate information, and delivering of messages through GSM modem in a most convenient and fastest way of communication. The proposed project can also be a useful tool for monitoring the impact of global warning, the sudden increase and heavy rain water per year. It keeps the data gathered by the system from the river in database for future study and reference


Disaster Risk Reduction; SMS Notification; GSM modem; Flood Monitoring; Flood Warning System

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