Dr. Rohini G, Shehan J Silva, Hemanga Borpatra Gohain, Pooja KN, Chilaka Syam Chand


Our project is primarily focused on educating the people who are willing to learn and have interest in coding C++ is great start and showing its application on unreal engine is a great interactive way of doing so. The project will help those in such needs and the perfect platform for learning is by making it game which is fun. Flexibility is another aspect that can applied here so learning at your preferred curve of learning to match your learning pace so anyone can learn this at any pace and enjoy the learning process. This project can be used as a demonstration for big corporates in the gaming industry where u will be able to explain the game how it works in depth with the coding magic behind it .It also uses decision making algorithms where NPC bots interact with the player.


C++, NPC, Unreal Engine, UPROPERTY.VTT, Getters

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