Recognizing Handwritten Characters Using OCR & Converting into TTS

Yerrabolu Sailendra Chakravarthy, Rohit Singh, Manju More E


The aim of the project is "To make Neural Networks aware of handwritten characters", that is, to create a platform that converts handwriting into digital text using Neural Network & Optical Character Recognition. This paper provides an in-depth study of text acquisition, tracking and image recognition with three major contributions. First, it is proposed that a standard framework for the release of image text that equally describes the discovery, tracking, recognition and their relationships and interactions. Second, within this framework, the various methods, systems, and procedures for visualizing the text of an image are summarized, compared, analyzed and the extracted text is converted and extracted by voice. Thirdly, related applications, outstanding challenges, and future directions for image editing are also well discussed.




Handwritten Characters, Neural Network, Optical Character Recognition, OCR, TTS, OpenCV

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