Flood Relief and Camp Management System

MIDHUN SANKAR S, Sindoora L R, Athira R, Muhammad Yoosuf, Aruna A S


This is an android application used for managing after effect of flood and providing goods and services for victims Our project is about Flood Relief Camp Management System.Our intention through this project is to help the needy one, who are suffering from flood disaster.Where we mainly focused on the camp management where the volunteer can help the victim by manpower,essentials etc. Which include food,medical supplies and related stuff.Here we have a major role in controlling overflow or lack of supplies where we transfer those to the locations where its more needy.Our concept helps to balance automatically by using data mining and association mining concepts .We balance the camp essentials by comparing neighboring camps and sort it them out based on the nearest point and manage the goods by transferring.We also sort out the nearest volunteer and assign them to the nearest requested area and we track them by updating status which allow others to know whether the requested service is done.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v12i2.6692


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