Utkarsh Pandey, Chetan Agarwal, Bhavana Verma


The advent of technological upgradation day by day results in improvement in computing processes, increasing no. of user of computing over cloud for exchanging and sharing data, figures and details. Though even with lots of capable resources in processing there is also the safety barriers in cloud computing system for example data loss, malfunctioning, unwanted change in data, unauthorised access, data intruders barriers etc. thus prime focus on vital measures need to be made in order to overcome such security issues. In order to keep eye on working over cloud two model testing including integrity test on various information, detail files and authentication test on multiple file needs to be made to check out any correction, unauthorised change. In today’s era too the traditional factors are still noticed along with some hash function works on key basis. Although among various designs no one is completely relaxed from damages and attacks. Currently too no. of options available with are capable along with safety measures so that the data integrity is still maintained in outsourcing functions too. This paper provides a survey of the main research results of the previous studies.


Cloud Computing; Security; Privacy; Integrity Checking; Authentication

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v12i1.6683


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