A Survey of Solutions and Future Directions for the Challenges of Implementing Erasure Codes in Cloud and Fog Computing

Rana Al-Shami, Adnan Al-Mutawkkil


Abstract: More recently, computing storage systems have started implementing an erasure code approach in storing big data due to its many advantages such as reducing storage cost, providing fault tolerance, and reliability. However, many challenges and open issues associated with the use of a code erasure approach in cloud and fog computing environments have arisen. Different methods and techniques for solving these challenges have been presented by many recent studies , however, there are still shortcomings in comprehensive surveys. Therefore, this paper attempts to present a survey of the most important studies in the last five years and discuss the solutions and future trends in this field, in addition to providing a classification of these solutions according to the main research challenges and comparative analysis of the proposed solutions with respect to objectives, environments, tools, and codes used. The ultimate goal of this paper is to provide a summary for researchers for the development of more future work.


Erasure Code; Storage Management; Big data; Cloud Computing; Fog Computing

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v11i5.6650


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