Formation of an Improved RC6 (IRC6) Cryptographic Algorithm

Edward Onyebueke Agu, Michael O. Ogar, Anthony O. Okwori


IRC6 cryptosystem is an improvement on RC6 which was developed in the course of this research to guard against crypto-analytical attack. This is achieved by doubling its security at little or no computational cost. RC6 is an improvement on RC5, and RC5 was an improvement on RC4. IRC6 is designed to meet the requirements of increased security and better performance.

Object-oriented analysis and design methodology (OOADM) together with Java programming and Development technologies were used to implement both Normal RC6 algorithm and improved RC6 (IRC6) cryptographic algorithm in this research in order to achieve the research goal which is to show the significant improvement of IRC6 over normal RC6 by carrying out performance evaluations of the two algorithms. The developed IRC6 was also evaluated to have transparent cipher-text and thereby found to survive any crypto-analytical attack.


NRC6; IRC6; Cryptography; Algorithm; Data Security; cipher text

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