Data Provenance Techniques and Semantics Using W7 model-A Review

Sonia Arora, Dr. Ritika Balhara, Dr. Pooja Sapra


Data Provenance means tracing the lineage of the source of data, who performed manipulation on data, how it came to existence, Tracking data provenance helps in ensuring  that the  data which is being  provided by many different providers and sources can be fully  trusted and used significantly The area of data provenance is becoming very useful for scientific research work. Although data provenance can be extremely important for different applications, research on data provenance has started and there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. One of the main objective of this paper is to investigate the semantics or meaning of data provenance. In this paper we discuss with some data provenance categories like provenance granularity, data status, provenance computing, semantics of provenance, provenance storage and applications which are proposed to analyze present provenance techniques. We also review a W7 model for managing data for data provenance system.


Data Lineage, Data Provenance, Data Warehouse,W7 Model

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