Rida Qayyum, Muhammad Usman Ashraf, Hina Ejaz


Nowadays, Location-based services (LBS) System is commonly used by Mobile users worldwide due to the immense growth of the Internet and Mobile devices. A mobile user uses LBS to access services relevant to their locations. LBS usage raises severe privacy concerns. A secure LBS system is required to protect three fundamentals metrics such as temporal information, user identity, and spatial information. Different models are being used to deal with such privacy metrics such as TTP and NTTP. In current study, we have conducted a comprehensive survey on TTP privacy protecting techniques which are being used in LBS systems. Primarily, it would be facilitating the mobile users with full privacy when they interact with the LBS system. Moreover, it is aimed to provide a promising roadmap to research and development communities for right selection of privacy approach.


Location-based services (LBS), Trusted Third Party (TTP), Privacy, Protection goals, k-anonymity, Mix Zone, Position Dummy

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