Analyn Rubio Mendoza, Mheiane M. Velasco, Epiphany Rosco, Elthone Jonh Tiongco, Louie F. Agustin


This study  describes the improvement of a Enchaced Curriculum in the Arts Program Student Monitoring System with RFID & SMS Notification. The existing usual going in and out of the school, that to be monitored by using the protect at the gate every time they went to school. This includes the time unnecessarily bump off by way of the students as they are being monitored with the aid of the guards and checked their identification cards.This is the foremost goal of our machine RFID tags should be worn via the Students and they will simply skip thru the RFID reader to become aware of their information and saved the file of their time in and time out to the database. SMS notification is used to ship to their dad and mom for complacency purposed. The proposed task will be two a huge help to the mother and father of the college students particularly in Enhanced Curriculum in the Arts Program two to without problems monitor the entrance and exit of the students.The Student Monitoring System with Rfid & Sms Notification is without difficulty process in which the Coordinator will use the computer and the machine to Monitor the Students. The effects of the software evaluation performed have met the goals of the researchers and therefore priceless sufficient to be persevered and developed. The system will furnish an immediate result of the review of the students and dad and mom that will assist the school in enhancing their monitoring. The overall mean of the machine comparison implied that the developed learn about was very beneficial and can be of excellent help to the Enhanced Curriculum in the Arts Program.The consequences of contrast from the college students and parents introduced enhancement for their usage.


RFID; Monitoring System; SMS Notification; Enhanced Curriculum; Arts Program

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M. Mustapha, M. Abdul kadir, M. A. Sarki and S. P. Omale “RFID Based Student Attendance Monitoring System with GSM Module Incorporated,” University of Maiduguri Faculty of Engineering Seminar Series Volume 9, Number 2 November 2018 Seminar Series, Volume 9(2), 2018.

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