Kandhammal K., S. Duraisamy


With the development of industries, we already know about the effects of third industrial revolution. Following the development of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) collaborated with Big Data, industrial wireless network and some other enabling technologies the fourth industrial revolution is being gradually rolled out. This paper discusses about the industrial revolution and the contribution of big data to create a new era known as industry 4.0. It focuses on various aspects of big data which is used to produce a collaborative community starting from production to sales it will be interconnected by using advanced technology such as embedded systems, wireless sensor network, industrial robots, 3D printing,  data science, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things etc., IT deeply focuses on Industrial big data pipeline for data driven analytics, huge scale of productivity, quick decisions based on sale history etc., for a large scale smart manufacturing industries. Survey of benefits by using big data in industries will be discussed.


Big data, data science, Industry 4.0, Industrial big data ,cyber physical system, Self awareness and self maintenance machine, smart productivity etc.,

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