Design of Smart Retail Shopping Guide Using IoT and Cloud

V. Pavithr, Vanitha. H, Vidyashree.M. Channalli, Yashaswini. K, Prof. Nikhil S Tengli


There are no avenues for point of sale marketing in retail chains. Shopping in stores lack the intuitive recommendations that ecommerce can offer. There does not exist a platform that can provide an efficient and easy shopping experience. The paper is aimed to provide a flawless shopping experience. The solution is to provide a platform for retail chains to make the process of shopping seamless and non-tiring activity. This paper provides the unique shopping experience to the customers when compared to conventional shopping. This method/concept is quite unique and new. Recently a variation of this concept can be seen, which was implemented by Amazon as Amazon Go. This paper aims at building a proof of concept for the platform. Aim is to fulfill the pain points which are mentioned in the problem statement. This will include working on certain hardware for hassle free billing, a central system which has the main intelligence, a mobile application to add on to flawless shopping experience and point of sale marketing.



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