Snigdhaa Vaish, Sagar Prakash Verma, Faizan Ahmad


The human civilization has evolved a lot since ancient times and is still evolving. We humans have succeeded in finding many ways that can ease our work and everyday task. One of the greatest achievements of human civilization have been industrialization. When the machines came into existence the idea was to make our work as less as possible and as fast as possible. Over time we have developed software agents to do this task and the study of this field is coined as “Artificial Intelligence”. Artificial Intelligence is a very vast field and a number of advancements have already been made in many ways. One of such advancements was introduction of intelligent agents. In this paper we will be discussing about what an intelligent agent is, how it came into existence and its advancements in modern world. To explain the existence of intelligent we first defined how the idea of artificial intelligence first came. How the need of agents arose and finally how the term intelligent agent was publicised and use as we know it today. We will be discussing about how the agent’s utility has increased over time and how far can it go. Recently, agent technology has been considered as an important approach for developing industrial distributed systems. Such systems consist of multiple interacting intelligent software agents.




Artificial intelligence, intelligent agent, intelligent agent environment, Development of Intelligent agent.

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