Design and Development of Vending Machine using AVR ATmega 8515 Microcontroller

Bhavna Plaha


Now-a-days vending machines are becoming very popular in western countries because of their ease, less wastage of time and effort, availability near doorstep and variety of products. But in India, vending machines are still not so popular according to the customer’s requirement. In this paper, a model of vending machine is proposed which dispenses liquid products by accepting the paper currency. The model of vending machine is customer friendly with a feature of fake currency detection. This machine is implemented using AVR ATmega8515 microcontroller. Various modules of the machine are interfaced with the microcontroller. Currency recognition through IR sensor makes this model simple and inexpensive as compared to the previous work where either coins or tokens are used or difficult techniques like image recognition for detection of currency.



AVR ATmega8515, microcontroller, currency detection, STK 500, AVR Studio 4

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