Soliton Pulse analysis in AgAs2Se3 Photonic Crystal Waveguide

Arvind Sharma,


Solitons are nonlinear waves that remain invariant as they propagate. Precise control of dispersion and nonlinear effects govern soliton propagation. In recent years Photonic crystals (PhCs) have attracted a great deal of attention due to the facility to engineer and enhance both their nonlinear and dispersive effects. In this article we show soliton pulse analysis in AgAs2Se3  PhC Waveguide using AUTO bifurcation  analysis tool. We have demonstrated pulse compression at moderately slow velocities in AgAs2Se3 PhC waveguide. This is enabled by the enhanced self phase modulation and strong negative group velocity dispersion in the PhC waveguides.    



: Soliton, Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation, Photonic Crystal, Photonic Crystal Waveguide, Bifurcation. PACS: 47.20.Ib;02.30.Oz;42.65.Tg;37.10Jk;47.20Ky

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