P Hari Babu, Naveena ., S. Sowmya, Ch. Rambabu, N. Prasanth


In introduce period, there is a loads of water contamination because of waste flotsam and jetsam in the water bodies. Due to increment in water contamination as waste trash; it is hampering the life of oceanic creature what's more, make their life in peril. Also now and then the sea-going creature has a tendency to eat squander trash thinking about it as nourishment; which at last reason the demise of creatures. Because of dirtied water, numerous skin ailments to mankind are watched. The smell discharged from contaminated water leads outcomes in air. So that to lessen water contamination we are endeavoring to make waterway cleanup machine. "Programmed scrap gatherer pontoon in water bodies" a machine which includes in expelling waste flotsam and jetsam from the water surface and securely arrange from the water bodies to the bank of the stream. In this model, we are utilizing dc engines and transport line setup to gather squander water flotsam and jetsam, plastics and trash. Arduino is utilized as a part of request to transmit the information to engine drivers. In this instrument, AVR Studio is utilized to play out the code. The client can control a pontoon by means of bluetooth. The task of bluetooth is done through remote controlled framework.



arduino mega, convener belt, water bot, Bluetooth, cleanup machine.

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