Minimal Energy Consumption by WSN Nodes during Communication using LEACH and NetLogo in Intelligent Greenhouse

Akash Jeewan,, Rashid Hussain


WSN in recent years has been one of the most potential and reliable technologies for agricultural farms. WSN technologies must be low in energy consumption to increase their working lifetime. During communication maximum energy is consumed. To minimize energy consumption, LEACH protocol has been used with a different concept. Here nodes and cluster head (CH) along with core nodes (CN) are sent to sleep or ready mode as per requirement. Multi hop concept is used. This concept of communication can be used in greenhouse agriculture as data transmission occurs every time, thus aiming at minimum energy consumption. NetLogo has been used for showing nodes behavior when it acquires or looses energy.


WSN, LEACH, NetLogo, Precision Agriculture, ZigBee and GSM

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