MANIDEEP Mothe, Prabu S


Now a day's cloud computing is used in many areas such as industry, military, colleges etc to store huge amount of data. We can retrieve data from cloud on request of user. To store data on cloud we have to face many issues. To provide the solution to these issues there are n number of ways. Cryptography and steganography techniques are used now a day's for data security. Use of a single algorithm is not effective for high level security to data in cloud computing. In my project I have introduced new security mechanism using symmetric key cryptography algorithm and steganography. In this proposed system AES, DES, and RC6 algorithms are used to provide block wise security to data. All algorithm key, size is 128 bit. LSB steganography technique is introduced for key information security. Key information contains part of file is encrypted using by which algorithm and key. File is splited into three parts. Each and every part of file is encrypted using different algorithm. All parts of file are encrypted simultaneously with the help of multithreading technique. Data encryption Keys are inserted into cover image using LSB technique. Stego image is send to valid receiver using email. For file decryption purpose reverse process of encryption is applied


Cryptography, cloud computing, multithreading, Advance Encryption Standard, Data Encryption Standard

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