An Improved Key Pre-distribution Scheme and Deployment model for Wireless SENSOR Networks

Sophiadas D.Y, Divya.C, Krishnan.N


Key distribution plays an important role in wireless sensor networks. A wireless sensor network has a large number of tiny sensors
with limited computational capability memory space and power resource. Many key pre-distribution schemes have been developed to establish
pairwise keys for WSN. In WSN, node capture attack is the most series attack. To improve the resistance against the node capture attack, this
paper proposes a hashed key pre-distribution scheme, which uses Hash function to stop an adversary to get information of non-compromised
sensor nodes from the compromised sensor nodes and the deployment model, is based on hexagonal to improve the local connectivity. The
proposed scheme can provide the best resilience against sensor nodes capture and the probability of links between any sensor nodes are
compromised is zero after pairwise keys establishment. Our new scheme can be used in a large network and achieves good network connectivity.



Keywords— Wireless sensor networks; Key Management; Key pre-distribution scheme; Hash function

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