Practical Implementation and Analysis of EMI Effects on Transistor as an Amplifier circuit in CE & CB configurations

Mandeep Kaur Saini, Dr. Anupamdeep Sharma


When electromagnetic interference takes place with the input pins of transistor working as an amplifier in Common emitter and Common Base Configurations, it can cause operation variation when practically implemented[9]. This paper deals with the investigation of EMI effects in amplifier circuit using different configurations[2][4]. This work presents evaluation of the EMI effects in transistor as an amplifier circuit by applying a range of EMI signals varying from 3KHz-30MHz with constant magnitude of 10V in series with input signal of 6Khz/10V. The EMI effects on the test circuit are predicted using ORCAD in terms of total job time, time step and output waveform. All the results compiled in the paper are simulated from the same. For easier understanding Bar graph is shown. The work presented shows the maximum range of EMI signals that a circuit can withstand and a range is also defined in which the circuit output is unaffected from EMI signal.


EMI, Transistor as an amplifier, Common Emitter and Common Base Configuration.

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