Effect of Data Filling Techniques for Compound Document Images

D. Maheswari, Dr. V. Radha


Information explosion along with the tremendous growth in software and hardware technology are moving industries, educational institutions, organizations towards ‘paperless’ environment. This change has a direct impact on the amount of information digitized, thus in-creasing the need for efficient storage mechanisms. Digitized information mostly consists of compound images, which are a combination of different data types like text, graphics, line art, photographs, etc. Layer based compression is one of the frequently used solution to compress these kind of images. This paper discuss about the effect of data filling techniques such as Prefilling with Fast inpainting, Successive projections, Non-Linear, Prefilling with Dc-Value for compound document images. Experimental results were conducted to analyze the performance of the four types of data filling techniques.


Keywords: Compound Image Compression, Data Filling, JPEG Artifacts, Layer Based Compression, Segmentation, Token Compression.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v1i2.40


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