A Analysis of LSB Technique in Video Steganography using PSNR and MSE

Anamika Saini, Kamaldeep Joshi, Kirti Sharma, Rainu Nandal


Security of data is always needed whenever communication is done and to achieve that purpose different techniques are used so that data should not be attacked by the third party. Different data concealing techniques like cryptography, watermarking etc. are used. But if we want the intruder not to even know about the presence of secret data we have to use the Steganography Technique. And this technique can be applied by using different files like text, audio, video etc. One of the steganography types as video steganography used to hide the secret data in an easy manner due to the complexity of its structure. We have different types of methods based upon Format, Cover, and Frequency in video steganography. This paper provides a review and analysis of the video steganography technique applied to AVI video file with LSB technique and the comparison of frames in the video file is analyzed with the help of different parameters to find how similar the cover video frame after embedding the secret data. The analysis is based on the PSNR, MSE, and the result is given.


Video Steganography; LSB; PSNR; MSE; RMSE

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i5.3914


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