Performance Optimizing Factor Analysis of Virtual Machine Live Migration in Cloud Data-centers

anu valiyaparambil raveendran, Elizebeth Sherly


Cloud computing holds its importance in almost every field of technology. It makes provisioning, scaling, and maintenance of applications and services with sophisticated deployment and management of resources. Currently, many clouds, such as Amazon’s EC2, Google’s AppEngine, IBM’s Blue- Cloud, and Microsoft’s Azure are providing various cloud services.VM migration is a widely used cloud feature for better performance and efficiency. Allocation of jobs in an intelligent manner is essential for the efficient VM migration in any cloud environment. This paper analyses different factors which have direct impact on VM migration and thus on cloud performance. With the extensive simulations in cloudsim environment, we found that memory dirtying rate has a vital role in determining the performance of live migration in cloud data centers. We used different techniques to vary the memory dirtying rate and studied its impact on downtime, total migration time and thus the scope of performance improvement. Along with the dynamic parameters, static parameters are also contributed to performance improvement of live migration characteristics.


cloud computing, virtualization, virtual machine, live migration

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