Challenges in selecting a sphygmomanometer for accurate BP measurement in research settings

Dr. Gurmanik Kaur, Dr.AjatShatru Arora, Dr.Vijender Kumar Jain


Blood pressure (BP) measurement, although, one of the standard recordings in research settings, but is often prone to inaccuracies. Auscultatory method of measuring BP using a mercury sphygmomanometer is widely regarded as the “gold standard” for BP measurement, but widespread implementation of the ban in use of mercury sphygmomanometers continues to diminish the role of this technique in research settings. This has led to the proliferation of non-mercury devices and has changed (probably for ever) the preferable modality of BP measurement. Whatever device is used, it must be properly validated, regularly maintained and recalibrated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In this article, the challenges that occur in selecting a sphygmomanometer for measurement of accurate BP in research settings,are discussed.


Blood pressure, hypertension, sphygmomanometer, mercury sphygmomanometer, aneroid sphygmomanometer, automated sphygmomanometer, validation. 3

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