Comparative Study Of Different Cryptoghraphic Algorithms

Maninder Kaur, Navpreet Kaur, Baldeep Singh


Due to development of network technologies it is easy to send and receive any type of information. The data or information may be related to banking system, government or military. This confidential information can be leaked or stole by unauthorized person. So foe this security is an impotent issue for confidential information. For security three aspect are required:- confidentiality, integrity & availability. ITUT recommended mechanism of encipherment. Encipherment refers to hiding or covering the data using key. Encipherment is classified into two categories:- cryptography and steganography. Cryptography is process of changing plaintext into cipher text which is not understandable by unauthorized or intruders. This paper is based on different algorithms used for cryptography and their comparative study. Cryptography uses two types of algorithms; symmetric key algorithm and asymmetric key algorithm.


network, security, cryptographic, algorithm

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