Use of Computer Technology to Help Children with Special Needs

Poonam Poonam, Nitika Nitika


A huge number of students over the Country can't profit completely from a conventional instructive program because they have disability that disables their capacity to take part in an average classroom condition. For these students, computer technology can assume a particularly critical part. Not exclusively can computer technology encourage a more extensive scope of instructive exercises to meet an assortment of requirements for children with particular learning issue, yet versatile computer technology now exists than can empower even those children with extreme incapacities to wind up plainly dynamic learners in the classroom close by their companions who don't have inabilities. This article gives an outline of the role of computer technology can play in advancing the instruction of children with special needs inside the consistent classroom. For illustration, utilization of computer technology for word preparing, correspondence, inquire about, what's more, interactive media undertakings can help the multiple students with particular learning and enthusiastic scatters stay aware of their nondisabled peers. Computer technology has additionally upgraded the improvement of advanced gadgets that can help the multiple children with more extreme incapacities in conquering an extensive variety of impediments that ruin classroom participation––from discourse and hearing hindrances to visual deficiency what's more serious physical incapacities. Notwithstanding, numerous instructors are not enough the fact that computer technology has the potential to go about as an equalizer by liberating numerous children from their inabilities, the hindrances of deficient preparing and cost should first be overcome before more boundless utilize can turn into a reality.


Computer Technology; Children with special needs

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