Intercloud Trust Model: An Architecture for secure Federated Inter-Cloud identity management

Sangeet kumar, Niraj Passi


similar as the internet is the network of networks, the evolution from clouds towards the Inter-cloud, a global cloud of clouds, represents a huge development of new innovative value-added services. One of the challenges in the field of Inter-Cloud is identity Management. Up to now, no concepts have been developed that consider the characteristics of Inter-clouds as well as the needs and rights of the users. Therefore, Trust model DHT (Distributed Hash Table) aims to develop technical and organizational solutions from secure federated inter-Cloud Identity management. This paper shows the work in progress on this specific aspect introducing a realistic scenario (inter-cloud services used in a disastrous event), giving an overview on the subject, identifying key issues of Federated Identity Management and presenting an outlook on further research.


cloud computing,intercloud,federated.

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