Security Vulnerability in Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)

Er. Amandeep Singh Walia


Mobile Cloud computing is promising technology showing consistent growth in the field of computing. Cloud computing frameworks like, Google App Engine, Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace have become increasingly popular among practitioners. The advent of Smartphone and the widespread use of other mobile devices such as tablets have introduced a new dimension to cloud computing, offering a higher degree of flexibility in data access, and with it has increased the need for security standards. Mobile cloud computing promotes use of cloud based applications and services in a mobile environment. It support virtualization, resource management and provide services to IaaS, PaaS, SaaS levels. While cloud computing provides many features but still it has some short comings like providing security in cloud environment. Mobile devices are unable to make effective use of resources and results in communication delay, and unexpected mobile attacks or vulnerabilities. These challenges have great effect in the improvement of service qualities of mobile cloud. This paper reviews the concept of mobile cloud computing as well as the security issues inherent within the context of mobile application and cloud computing environment.


Mobile Cloud Computing, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud Security, Encryption.

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