A Survey of Medical Image CompressionTechniques

Er. Rajandeep Kaur, Er. Manpreet Kaur


Medical image processing is one of the most eminent image processing fields in this era. This is because of the big revolution in information technology that is used to diagnose many illnesses and saves patients’ lives. There are many image processing techniques used in this field, such as image reconstructing, image compression, segmentation and many more. Image compression is a mandatory step in many image processing procedures. Image compression is a most significant tool which reduces the burden of storage and transmission over network. Hence, the medical images need to be transmitted very fast and it required to store with a minimum capacity. Thus, image compression is used to reduce the redundancies and irrelevant information in image and represents it in shorter manner to achieve efficient archiving and transmission of images. Image compression is the process of reducing irrelevant and the redundancy of the image data in order to store or transmit data in an effectivemanner. Image compression minimizes the size of an image (in bytes) without degrading the quality of an image to an acceptable level. In this paper, we have presented the work done in the field of medical image compression.


medical image processing; compression; compression techniques

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i4.3735


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