Wireless Network Components &Security Protocol

Er. Gurpinder Singh, Parminder pal


Wireless networks are a general term to refer to various types of networks that communicate without the need of wire lines. Wireless networks can be broadly categorized into two classes based on the structures of the networks: wireless ad-hoc networks and cellular networks. The need for security on any network is apparent. Wireless network/Internet access technology is being increasingly installed in both office and public environment. Wireless network provide many advantages but it also joined with new security threads and alters the organization’s overall information security risk profile when considering a network with a Wireless Access Point, or WAP”, available, new security concerns come into play. Because wireless is broadcast in nature, anyone within range of a wireless card can intercept the packets being sent out without interrupting the flow of data between wireless card and base station. We present a structure to help managers understand and assess the various threats associated with the use of wireless Network. We also discuss various solutions for countering the threats.


Wireless Network, Data Flow control, Wireless Ad-hoc network, cellular Network, WAP.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i4.3734


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