An Innovative Approach for E-Commerce Website Ranking

Neha Verma, Prof. (Dr.) Jatinder Singh


In recent years E-commerce industry has grown rapidly. With the assistance of data mining and its integration with E-commerce technology,organizations are increasing their revenues day by dayand they are able to attract new customers.Enterprises are deploying new strategies to retain or rebuild relations with their old customers and persistently focusing on new customers. By these strategies enterprises are permeating themselves. Keeping in mind the thought of blending of data mining and E-commerce this paper is exploring a tool, “E-Commerce Website Priority Determination Tool” that can extract keywords, links, and HTML tags of various websites with comparablestatistics, with the help of which data analyst can find out the problems areas or missing important links or keywords in their websitesto restructure their websites.


Web site reorganization, E-commerce, Website Priority Tool, web mining, Web site Restructuring.

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