Analysis of Fractal Geometries and its Applications in Microstrip Antenna

Shruti R.S Parmar, Er. Hardeep Singh


These days, there are higher growth in wireless communication for wireless applications. Multiband or wideband and low profile antenna are in higher demand. With the higher advancement in antenna technology, there is a great need of low profile antenna. This demand is fulfilled by use of the fractal antenna because of its self-similarity and self-repetitive properties. In this review paper I provide the comprehensive review of fractal and proceed with its dimensions and why fractal is used. This paper describes the concept of fractal antenna and its different types of geometries. The merits and the demerits of fractal antenna is also given in this paper including the applications that are very useful in the research areas and other related fields.


Microstrip patch antenna, Dimensions, Euclidean Iterations, Self-similarity, Wideband/ Multiband.

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