A View Point of Enhancing the Quality of Education by Applying Data Mining Techniques

Priya Babbar, Barjinder Singh


Education is the process of giving knowledge to students and then evaluating the performance of students with the help of different techniques. For this purpose we use Educational Data Mining. It is a field that discovers the knowledge from the large amount of Educational data. The main purpose of Educational Data Mining is to find the appropriate pattern of educational data by mining so that there is improvement of qualification of education. This paper identifies the factors that are linked with those students whose academic performance is not good and improve the performance of students by identifying slow learners. This paper includes the various attribute selection methods to select those attributes that can improve the performance of students like family background, extra classes, age factor, CGPA or percentage of higher secondary education, frequency of exercise, time spend in exercise, score obtained in analytical questions, descriptive questions etc. and discard the unaffected attributes. For this purpose ranking algorithms will be used to remove those parameters. Various prediction algorithms will be used to predict the student’s behavior of pass or fail and then more affective attributes will be applied to those students who will be going to fail to improve their performance.


EDM (Educational Data Mining), Clustering, Classification, Prediction

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i4.3730


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