Digital India: Services

Ms. Parminder Kaur, Mrs. Amandeep Kaur


This paper throws a light on the concept of digital India. Today is the world of globalisation and modernisation. Every country wants to get the first place in the race of advancement. And this cannot be achieved by neglecting technology. Technology plays an important role in the development of any country. One example of the technology is the invention of the computer. Computer is a machine that has made the life of the common man very easy. Digital India campaign is also an example of using technology in daily life activities. The objective behind digital India is to make the country digitally strong. Under the programme of digital India, many services are provided. To discuss these services one by one is not an easy task. So, some of the services are covered under this research paper. Today, every educated or uneducated man wants to use the technology in his daily life because it reduces the complexities of life by saving time and money. Moreover, it enhances the knowledge. The vision behind doing all these efforts is to empower the each person with digital technology and


Keywords: Digital India

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