Variations in V Model for Software Development

Mr. Ganesh B. Regulwar, Mr. P. M. Jawandhiya, Mr. V.S. Gulhane, Dr. P .R. Deshmukh, Mr. R. M. Tugnayat


V Model Represents one-to-one relationship between the documents on the left hand side and the test activities on the right. This is not always correct. System testing not only depends on Function requirements but also depends on technical design, architecture also. Couple of testing activities is not explained in V model. This is a major exception and the V-Model does not support the broader view of testing as a con-tinuously major activity throughout the Software development lifecycle. Paul Herzlich introduced the W-Model approach in 1993. The W-Model attempts to address shortcomings in the V-Model. Rather than focus on specific dynamic test stages, as the V-Model does, the W-Model focuses on the development products themselves. In its most generic form, the W-Model presents a standard development lifecycle with every develop-ment stage mirrored by a test activity. On the left hand side, typically, the deliverables of a development activity (for example, write require-ments) is accompanied by a test activity test the requirements and so on. If your organization has a different set of development stages, then the W-Model is easily adjusted to your situation. The important thing is this: the W-Model of testing focuses specifically on the product risks of concern at the point where testing can be most effective. The main contribution in this paper is Sawtooth model and Sharktooth model. Sawtooth model is another variation of the V model. The Sawtooth model is actually an extension of the V-model. The only difference between the Saw-tooth and the V-model is that prototypes are created and shown to the client for validation. Sharktooth model is more detailed view of the saw-tooth model. In contrast to the sawtooth model the sharktooth model puts the manager into account. By presenting the manager a certain abstrac-tion it also introduces new activities.


Keywords: Quality software through V Model; Overcome W Model on V Model; Sawtooth & Shartooth model

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