To Study Biomass in Dual Fuel Engine using Downdraft Gasifier

Jagteshwar Singh


The current trend of energy consumption, in which fossil fuel is main energy provider, it reached a level where other resources must be unearthed to ensure there is a constant supply for utilization. Sudden rise in fuel prices recently has severely affected economic activity and adversely affected the energy scenario. Generation of electricity is possible in applications like biomass gasification. In all possible gasifiers, the fluidized bed gasifiers are very much upto the task. As the major occupation of people in Punjab is mostly agriculture. So the major source of biomass comes from the fields. The experiments are performed by taking three samples of biomass i.e sugarcane bagasse, cotton stalk, and mustard stalk. Then it is performed for various openings of the valve at different loads; the loads are taken as two kilowatt, four kilowatt and six kilowatt. The openings of the valve are 3 revolutions of gasifier valve, 6 revolutions and maximum possible revolutions of the valve. As expected with the use of producer gas the consumption of fuel (diesel) decreases significantly and subsequently the cost of operation also decreases. From the comparison of the three biomass samples it is clear that the cotton stalk stands out to be the better fuel option. With a wide range of applications the gasifier arrangement has a great potential to reduce the gap between energy requirement and supply of energy.


Biomass; Gasification; Dual fuel Engine.

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