Internet of things: Vision, Challenges and Future Scope

Balwinder Kaur, Dr. Vijay Dhir


This paper provides the overview on various aspects of internet of things. Internet of things (IoT) is a rapidly growing branch ofIT sector. It is the next step towards creating the future. The term IOT is called as system of systems where all devices are connected to each other . They communicate with each other and can take decisions independently and act accordingly.Internet of things has a great trend towards robotics,sensing,artificial intelligence and networkingand having advancement in softwares with low prices of hardware and modern techniques towards technology.Its new and enhanced elements bring major changes in the delivery and reliability of products ,goods and services..In the end of the paper we can clearly define vision ,challenges and future scope of internet of things.


Keywords: IOT, Roadside Units(RSU),Smartcity,RFID, NFC.

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