Building Private Cloud Using Eucalyptus

Navneet Singh, Dr.Vijay Dhir


Eucalyptus is free open source software. Eucalyptus was started as a university project at university of California at Santa Barbara, a few eveloper/researchers started this project and at the end they came up with this Eucalyptus cloud software. The co-founders of Eucalyptus were Dr. Rich Wolski (CTO), Dr. Dan Nurmi, Dr. Neil Soman, Dr. Dmitrii Zagorodnov, Chris Grzegorczyk, Graziano Obertelli and Woody Rollins (CEO). In the paper I shall discuss Overview of Eucalyptus, Advantages of Eucalyptus, Over-view of various components of Eucalyptus cloud, Installation and configuration of Eucalyptus.


Eucalyptus, Linux, Cloud, Walrus, Open source software.

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