Big Data and Hadoop challenges and issues

Er. Shalika Jaiswal, Er. Amandeep Singh Walia


Data flow in the millions of computers and millions of process every moment of every day so today is the era of Big Data where data interrelate to the 3Vs volumes, velocity, and varietiey of data interrelate. Huge volume, various varieties and high velocity creates challenges and issues regarding its management and processing. Big Dataenables any organization to the collected, manages, analyzes and making decision of the incredibly from large data sets. Big data growing at an exponential rate but security feature not growing at an same rate. Therefore it becomes very important to develop new technologies to deal with security. This paper introduces the big data of technology along with its importance in the modern world and existing projects like hadoop which are very effective and important in changes the concept of science into big science. Hadoop, Map Reduces and No SQL are the major big data of technology. This paper is also include some other challenges and issues. The various challenges in adapting and accepting Big data are concept that make robust hadoop ecosystem without any processing overhead.


Big data, hadoop, Map Reduce, HDFS

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