Approach To Data Reduction In Data Warehouse

Md.Ishtiyaque Alam, Jawed Ahmed


-Data reduction is a process to convert polluted, unmanageable or duplicate data into final meaningful data for any organization. Duplication of record is a serious challenge in data warehouse. It makes our performance slow and reduces our storage capacity. To rid of this problem, we use data reduction techniques, algorithms and tools. There may be various reasons for this duplication issue which can arise due to integration of data at various steps of our end to end cycle of data migration. When we collect data from different sources and integrate it then we find some data may be identical or seems identical. Duplicate detection is very difficult to apply in real world. In continuation of past work purposing an algorithm which uses the cluster for comparison of record. A cluster contains sets of records. Each set contains one or more data from a detected cluster. Entire clusters should not always be saved due to efficiency reasons.


Data reduction, duplicate detection, data cleaning, partial duplication, clustering.¬¬

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