Color Image Watermarking Based on LU Factorization, Logistic and Lorentz chaotic maps

KamredUdham Singh, Achintya Singhal


Color image watermark has more bit information than grayscale or binary watermark so it is a challenging issue to design a robust color watermarking scheme for content authentication. In watermarking schemes, the Discrete Cosine Transformation (DCT) is broadly used because its frequencycomponent separation is very useful. Furthermore, LU Factorization has little influence on the visual quality of the image watermark. In this paper a LL Chaos and LU Factorization,basedNon-Blind Image Watermarking technique is proposed.This watermarking scheme is based on Discrete Cosine Transformationalong with Logistic and Lorentz chaotic maps with LU Factorizationfor estimating the embedding strength and location.The experimental resultsreveal thatthis watermarking algorithm is robust against different image processing attacks to a certain degree viz. contrast adjustment, cropping and colouring.


LL Chaos, non-blind watermarking, DCT, LU Factorization.

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