Improving Scalability and Security using Region Based Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Ramniwas Lodhi, Neha Bhardwaj


Mobile ad hoc network is infrastructure-less network in which nodes communicate to each other wirelessly. MANET is easily prone to attacks as compared to wired network. There are methods available to improve the security of the network. These methods provide integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation. RSS (Receive Signal Strength) technique provides security by calculating trust on the basis of signal strength. It has some issue and to overcome this issue, Region Based Routing is used that eliminates the duplicate entry from the routing table. In our proposed work we are applying Region Based Routing in the network. Region based routing is used to select some region for data forwarding and it eliminates the duplicate entry from the routing table. This makes it suitable for large network as in this we are only concerned with the small region. Other parameter that affects network is scalability. Scalability is the term used to enlarge the network size and improve the performance. It enables the node to communicate to each other in increased coverage area.


Mobile ad hoc network, Secure Routing, Routing based protocol, Trust and Certificate revocation.33

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