Blood Vessel Contrast Enhancement Techniques for Retinal Images

Nidhi Singla, Navdeep Singh


In today’s world, Digital image processing has left an engraved impression in almost every technical field such as in engineering, medical (deontology, dermatology, ophthalmology) etc. Retinal fundus images are important for ophthalmologist to find out the various diseases. Images are difficult to detect as they are corrupted with contrast variability and high luminosity. Contrast enhancement is one of the image processing technique used to improve the digital quality of the image. Therefore, this paper evaluates the performance of contrast enhancement methods on the blood vessels retinal images. Further, these images are examined by different methods such as HE, AHE, CLAHE, Rayleigh CLAHE, non uniform sampling and VE-MSC to validate the results. It has been observed that VE-MSC improves the image contrast and gives more details of vascular structure, provide appropriate results in green plane than the other two planes (Red and Blue) to enhance the color retinal image quality.


Blood Vessel, Contrast Enhancement, Digital Image Processing, Retinal Image.

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