The Rising Flood of Big Data and Its Analysis

Kiran Padwar, Dr. Mahesh Kumar Pawar, Dr. Ratish Agrawal


Today due to digitalization in almost all sectors the data value increases. Many organizations invest millions of rupees in analysis of data. The use of internet by normal citizens enhances data’s value. Actually the consumption of internet is regularly increasing almost in every field. As a result a large massive complex data (big data) get produced per day per second. Actually it is not false to say that it is era of big data. Analysis of such huge data is become notable task performed by government and non-government organization. The main reason behind popularity of analysis of big data is extracting useful information .This paper mainly focuses on predictive analytics technologies. The coming time is time of predictive analytics as all sectors organization keenly watches predictive analytics result for business analytics and effective decision making and get tremendous success in their respective businesses.


big data, predictive analytics, business analytics, decision making

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