A New Approach in Consistency of Object Oriented Model and Relational Model in Distributed Systems Base on Heterogeneous Databases

Tahereh kheradmandan, Hamidreza Hamidi, Shokoh Kermanshahani


According to application a database is designed to be object-oriented model or relational model but the important point is distribution
and heterogeneity. So a model should be provided which work with different types of database and also be able to work disruption, and
heterogeneity So one of the great challenges in the use of distributed database technologies is integrating object-oriented databases with
relational databases because the platform-independent technologies have an object-oriented approach But today databases are usualy designed
and implemented base on relational model. Hence this paper tries to offer a model that could bring further coordination and integration between
these two exsisting database models.


Keywords: Integration - Comprehensive Systems - work processes - distributed databases – heterogeneous databases

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v2i1.308


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