Deactivation of Reactive Jammers in Wireless Sensor Networks

Supreetha Patel, Pallavi R, Nandini P


In latest days, reactive jamming assault has emerged as a first rate security risk to wireless sensor community. Several techniques are evolved to identify the cause nodes, whose valid transmission turns on any reactive jammer. After identifying the trigger node, the node will be close all the way down to deactivate the jammer and its routing information is deleted from the routing table, then the node can’t be used again in the community. Since the node can’t be used once more within the network it's far one of the most important disadvantage. Hence to triumph over the trouble, In this paper we propose a unique technique, in which the recognized cause nodes are installed to the scanning mode, in order that we are able to reuse the trigger nodes, after deactivating the jammer node in the network.

Keywords: Reactive Jamming, Jamming detection, Trigger Identification, Scanning mode.

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