A Study on Internet of Things

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Jyoti Yadav
Romika Yadav
Muskan Muskan
Monika Monika


Now a day one of the advance word in the information technology is Internet of Things (IoT). The main goal of IoT is to transform real world objects to the artificial intelligent virtual objects. IoT will provide everything in the real world object to provide common infrastructure to control the things around the state of the things. Recently this study represents IoT concepts by researcher scholars, expert system, corporate white papers and online databases. Moreover this research paper will provide definitions, issues of internet things, basic requirements and characteristics of IoT. The main objective of research paper is to provide a complete overview of technologies associated with their usage of daily life. However new research will provide goal comprehension and facilitate accumulation effectively.

Keywords: RFID, Internet of Things, Network, Near Field Communication, Wifi


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