Energy Efficient Buffer Management for Group Communication in MANETs

Dinesh Chander, Dr. Rajneesh Kumar


Performance of a multicast routing protocol may be degraded due to huge packet loss caused by various factors i.e. Contention, Congestion, inefficient buffer management, dynamic topology, mobility and node density etc. Each factor has its own impact over the limited resources. In case of communication failure, various operations are repeated simultaneously that results in excessive resource consumption. Many researchers have tried to investigate the level of resource consumption and suggested various solutions according to the identified issues. In this paper, an energy efficient buffer management scheme (EEBM) is proposed for multicast group communication. PUMA and MAODV multicast routing algorithm are extended to optimize the energy consumption. Simulation results show the performance of EEBM in terms of enhanced network performance with optimal energy consumption.

Keywords: components; Energy Optimization; Multicast; MAODV; PUMA; Group Communication; MANET.

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