A Trajectory UML Profile for Modeling Trajectory Data: A Mobile Hospital Use Case

Wided Oueslati, Jalel Akaichi


A large amount of data resulting from trajectories of moving objects activities are collected thanks to localization based services and
some associated automated processes. Trajectories data can be used either for transactional and analysis purposes in various domains (heath care,
commerce, environment, etc.). For this reason, modeling trajectory data at the conceptual level is an important stair leading to global vision and
successful implementations. However, current modeling tools fail to fulfill specific moving objects activities requirements. In this paper, we
propose a new profile based on UML in order to enhance the conceptual modeling of trajectory data related to mobile objects by new stereotypes
and icons. As illustration, we present a mobile hospital use case.


Keywords: Trajectory data, Conceptual modeling, Positioning technologies, Location based services, Moving objects, UML extension

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v2i1.278


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